How About Some Wit To Go With Your Retirement Community Advertising?

How About Some Wit To Go With Your Retirement Community Advertising?

March 4, 2020

Dull is not a wise advertising strategy in any business.

As you may know, brainy Harvard MBA students are taught that lesson right from the get-go. The class is called A Comparative History of Contemporary Hackneyed & Tragic Advertising Ideas 101. Okay, that part is not the least bit true. But the part about dull not being an effective approach? That is most definitely true.  As the famous ad legend David Ogilvy said “You can't bore someone into buying your product.” And, yes, that old chestnut applies to marketing and advertising for senior living communities, too.

People try to avoid advertising.

Ever choose a dull book? Or a dull movie? Just think, when is the last time you said to a friend, “Hey, did you see that boring movie, it was awesome!” When something is boring, no one talks about it. No one even looks in its general direction. Everyone just avoids it. And dull advertising messages? They bring about a whole new level of disdain. Not only are they boring, THEY'RE ADS, TOO! Yikes, hide your eyes! People don't want to see your ad no matter what medium it's on—social media, website, TV, radio, print, billboard, flyer, etc. They'll click away. They'll go to the bathroom. They'll change the station. They'll toss it in the trash. So, if you want any chance of getting your message to its intended recipient, you have to offer something more than a blunt force sales message. Something interesting. Something unusual. Something witty. Think of it as the price of admission for getting their attention. Only THEN will a customer even consider listening to your sales pitch.

What's the point of this?

Wit works in advertising. And it works especially well for senior living communities because so few even think to try it. But wit is difficult to get just right. It's like men's lapels—once they get a bit too wide, suddenly you're in used car salesman territory. At Stafford Creative, to strike the right balance, we add generous doses of understanding, respect, and dignity to our wit. The result? Your ads suddenly become visible, giggles ensue, the sales message hits its mark AND your brand looks good. If that sounds good to you, you've got two clear choices; enrolling in Harvard's A Comparative History of Contemporary Hackneyed & Tragic Advertising Ideas 101, or hiring us. We'll be here when you need us. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our work for Leisure Care Retirement Communities to see some wit in action.

Take it from your pals at Stafford Creative, seniors like wit.

For senior advertising with wit and balance, please contact Stafford Creative Inc.

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