Senior Living Marketing Should Break Up With the Word “Gracious”.

Senior Living Marketing Should Break Up With the Word “Gracious”.

February 14, 2020

A heart-shaped, touchy-feely screed.

Why on this great green earth does the senior living business have such a monster crush on the word “Gracious?” Seriously, I don't get it. Oh, I can hear you out there, “But Sid, it's a very accurate and positive word to describe our retirement communities. It sounds so…regal. It's perfect! It's marketing gold!” Ummm, er, well, it is stunningly accurate that's for sure. And that's the problem. I mean who wouldn't want to live somewhere marked by kindness and courtesy? But isn't that a given? I sure hope so. If someday my kids want me to live at Bob's Senior Living Community - The Ultimate in Uncouth Living I think I may look back and question my parenting skills.

So, for fun let's apply this to other types of businesses.

Picture a law firm bragging about its Intelligence. Or a home builder touting its Craftmanship. Or a bank saying Hey, At Franks's Bank, Security Comes First. See the problem? Here's the simple test — if, after you say a tagline or other piece of copy and your immediate response is “I sure hope so!” then it might not be the best approach.

What's the point of this?

Words matter, that's what. And for a crafty senior living marketing person this is a big opportunity. Let your competitors be boring and obvious while you build a brand based on some creativity. It may even get you a promotion or two (this has happened, we have examples). And another thing, who ever uses the word gracious in a search? Or a conversation? Nobody that's who. In senior living marketing, the word gracious is simply not necessary. Check out our work for Fields Senior Living to see what we mean.

Take it from your pals at Stafford Creative. “Gracious” is lazy and it hasn't shown you any love in decades. It's time to ghost it. Permanently.

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